2014 Changes In California Criminal Laws

2014 Changes In California Criminal Laws

Health and Safety Code section 11379 and 11352 –

It used to be that an individual could and often were charged for “transportation” of drugs even when it was clear that the drugs were basically being moved from one place to another in a car, bicycle, skateboard, or even walking from place to place.  Now, unless drugs were being transported for purposes relating to sales, it is a simple possession charge of HS 11377 or 11350.

Penal Code section 647 (j)(4) –

Often referred to as Revenge Porn, this statute was added in October of 2013 and makes it a misdemeanor to distribute recorded images that were meant to be private in order to cause serious emotional distress of the person in the image, and that person does suffer serious emotional damage.

The TRUST Act (AB 4 and Government Code sections 7282 and 7282.5) -

prohibits state law enforcement from holding in custody, an undocumented individual who would otherwise qualify for release.  That order ventolin no prescription means that if the individual’s case was dismissed, the defendant was acquitted, sentence completed, posted bond, or would otherwise qualify for release.  There are various exceptions including individuals convicted of violent or serious felonies; those who have previously been convicted of certain crimes in the past 5 years; those who have been held to answer at a preliminary hearing for a serious or violent felony or something punishable by state prison, to list a few.  Some jurisdictions have implemented policies to comply with the TRUST Act as of January 1, 2014.  Unfortunately, there are some jurisdictions still trying to figure it out 30 days after it went into effect.


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