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2014 Changes In California Motor Vehicle Laws

2014 Changes In California Motor Vehicle Laws

Vehicle Code section 21760 –

Requires that when a motor vehicle is passing a bicyclist, that there is a minimum of 3 feet between the vehicle and the bicyclist. In essence the “Three Feet for Safety” rule.  While many of the roads in the Sacramento area have bike lanes, the three feet rule applies so when passing, you have to still maintain that distance.  If on some of the backroads which can frankly be very narrow, based on the law, you can’t pass a bicyclist until you can comply with the three feet rule.

Vehicle Code section 23154 –

Prohibits anyone under the age of 18 years old from using any electronic wireless communication device while driving.  It basically means that even if Bluetooth or some other hands free device is being used, it will result in a ticket.  How is a police officer going to know if a teen is talking on a wireless device or talking to someone in the car, singing, talking to him or herself, or practicing a speech for school?

Vehicle Code sections 23152/23153 –

DUI charges have historically been under subdivision (a) where it was against the law to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug, or the combined influence of both.  Of course subdivision (b) related to driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher.  Starting January 1, 2014, subdivision (a) now only relates to the combined influence of alcohol and drugs and a new subdivision (e) which relates only to being under the influence of “any drug.”  Based on the legislative history of AB2552, it appears that the reason for the new amendment was so that statistics could be obtained to find out how many drug only DUI cases there are.  So, we now have 3 categories of DUI 1. Combined influence of drugs and alcohol, 2. .08 BAC or higher, and 3. Drug only.  Was all the time, effort, and cost worth it?  Only time will tell.



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