Sacramento Police Department gets DUI Grant!

Sacramento Police Department gets DUI Grant!

According to a press release dated October 15, 2015, the Sacramento Police Department was granted $215,000 to be used to target DUI offenders in Sacramento County as part of the “Avoid the 13” DUI Task Force.

Why Avoid the 13?  Because 13 is the number of Sacramento county agencies involved which include:

Sacramento Police Department, California Highway Patrol, California State University-Sacramento Police Department, Citrus Heights Police Department, Elk Grove Police Department, Folsom Police Department, Galt Police Department, Los Rios Police Department, Rancho Cordova Police Department, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento County Probation Department, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, and the University of California- Davis Police Department

According to the press release, “Motorists can expect to see special DUI campaigns during the winter and summer holiday periods as well as on Halloween, Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and during local special events with identified DUI Problems.  Funding for the grant comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

“Additionally, funding will target the ‘worst of the worst’ repeat DUI offenders with Warrant/Probation Sweeps and Court Sting Enforcement Operations focusing on DUI offenders with suspended licenses who drive from court hearings after being ordered not to drive by a judge.”

In Sacramento, the court fines for even a first time DUI offense is around $2,500, a first offense DUI program is between $500-$1000 depending on the length of the class, if you do not want to go to jail and participate in work project or home detention the application fee is $80 or $120 and you have to pay for each day of your sentence, SR22 insurance can range in price depending on your driving record, ignition interlock devices cost about $80 per month.  For multiple DUIs, the stakes are even higher and in Sacramento County, actual jail time is involved depending on how many prior DUI convictions there are in the last ten years.

Even when a DUI case can be defended, to get the dismissal or acquittal at jury trial, it can get very expensive since blood tests may need to be re-tested, experts involved, and legal fees.

The bottom line is if you have been drinking, even if you think you are fine to drive, don’t risk it.  Have a designated driver who will not be tempted to drink at all or get an Uber or taxi.  The cost of an Uber or taxi will be way less than dealing with DMV and the Court system.

To see the press release, click here.


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